A NGO for children from poor families in Africa.
child of famine africa

History of our childcare center.

Every child deserves the opportunity to be happy, grow up in a safe environment with access to food, education and free from abuse and disease.

After living many years in europe, i returned to my village in Ibanda, a town in the western part of Uganda Africa and saw that the situation i grew in had never changed and if anything, it had worsened. More and more families had become poorer. The population had increased and children from poor families had no access to basic needs like food, education and health care. And so with the help of a few friends, this organisation was formed to make a positive change in the life of the African child. Provide food, shelter, education, health care and protection from child abuse.

Our children


Our Daycare program is to provide a structure where our children can all meet to play, learn and socialize. we are hoping to achive this through our sponsors allover the world.

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