Akilah is 16 years old, Ugandan and growing up in difficult conditions.
She doesn’t have the company or protection of her parents and doesn’t even have the body to which she feels she belongs. Akilah  was born with a genital malformation that leads to many health problems such as infections, complications, etc. Immediately after
her birth, her mother dies and Akilah is taken into care
by her grandmother, who unfortunately died of AIDS a few years later. Akilah has never seen her father because her mother was a victim of rape.
With the loss of her only reference point, Akilah lives on the street
where the very precarious conditions force her to look for solutions with the maturity and courage of an adult. From one family to another, house to house, Akilah is exploited. She finds herself
on the street where she suffers humiliation because of her physical appearance.
Fortunately, for some years now, she has been supported by our association and my family in particular, has taken charge and is taking care of little Akilah and is fighting to offer her a dignified life.
The only solution for now is surgery to eliminate the malformation and restore the internal organs. We have
met a doctor in Milan who is willing to operate Akilah for free.
But the journey from Uganda is expensive and medicines after operation. We need your help! Make a donation to support us!
Let’s try for a moment to close our eyes and imagine if
Akilah was a classmate of our son or the daughter of our
of friends. We would all come together to help her, as we know how to do
when someone in our community is in need.
Make a gesture. Any. 

Thank you very much.

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