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My name is Zam. I was born in Uganda and grew up with my grandmother in a village called IBANDA. I grew up in a situation where we could afford to have just one meal a day and sometimes sleep hungry. I used to walk long distances with no shoes on with my grandmother in search of water and food. When me and my cousins would fall sick, grandmother would cure us with natural herbs since we could not afford hospital bills.
I walked long distances to school everyday and never gave up because even then as a child, I was ambitious. As I grew up, I promised myself that one day I would do something to help children who are in the same conditions of poverty that I grew up in.

In 2007 I settled in Italy and in 2011 I started doing charity work back in Uganda using personal savings. In January 2020 a friend advised me to register a charity organisation so that I could get help from well wishers in a formal way. So CHILD OF FAMINE AFRICA was born.
My biggest fear in life is HUNGER because I have fresh memories of how it feels to feel hungry and have nothing to eat.

To be able to operate and transfer funds in Uganda, we registered the charity under the name of SOFIKOBS CHARITY.

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Gaina Zamzam

President & Founder

Fahd Kaiira

Head of Ugandan Team

Zahara Nalusiba


Andrea RenĂ²


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This Association takes particular care of the less fortunate children among the unfortunate who are unable to fit in. Donations given will go to the less fortunate
Volunteering on the way, the Child of Famine Africa Association: "Projects to help African children in difficulty"


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