Our Mission

All children deserve to have a happy childhood regardless of where they were born. we know better that the place where one is born can determine how one grows up. since we cannot choose where to be born, we can choose to come together to help the children born in places where famine, poverty, health, shelter and education are a big problem.

It is heartbreaking to see poor kids starving for a single meal a day and this is common in all African countries where there is an extreme gap between the rich and the poor. Many families live in extreme poverty and many children die of malnutrition and starvation. We as citizens and more of a human have a sole responsibility to eradicate this without trace. Lets come together and make a change and give these poor families hope for a good future for their children.

Our mission is to build a self-sustaining community consisting of an orphanage, facilities for children with disabilities, a school and income generating projects to eradicate poverty in Uganda.

Child Of Famine Africa(COFA) is a registered Voluntary Organization(ODV) with registration number 949940 and Identification code 91123050337 under the rules and regulations of voluntary work in Italy. Our foremost objective is to provide food, shelter, health, education and protecting children from child abuse. We do focus on helping children with disabilities both mental and physical. We teach all mothers and fathers parental education and this helps them know how to handle their children with love and patience because we believe love can save the world!

Together we stand and so please help COFA make a positive change in society. All this is possible through donations of any kind. Anything you can donate is welcome, let it be funds, clothes, books, toys, assets, etc. Anything to give a light of hope to our children and their families. Thank you.