Child of famine Africa born in 2011 and registered in Italy in 2020 has many projects. We urgently need to build a school in Uganda. The school will be built under our Ugandan association called Sofikobs Charity. We intend to build a school in a small village called Ibanda in Uganda, East Africa. Under our charity we will build an eco-friendly school called SMEMO Primary School, with the green theme and the goal of providing quality education to have a solid foundation by trying to unlock the potential of these children that have no priority in the community. We believe that through a satisfactory training and qualified specialization of these students, we will be able to give hope for their future, we will try to change mentality of parents and society, and act as an opportunity to entice government education strategists towards the availability of such inclusive platforms nationwide. In addition, we want to give a well-supported educational curriculum coupled with the provision of lifelong learning and survival through the use of customized facilities, hiring of specialized teachers, availing the necessary support services. We at SMEMO education center expect to solicit various funders, to give us a way to provide personalized education with both physically and mentally challenged children from the age of 3 years old until the completion of elementary school. We hope to become self-sufficient after 5 years of operation. Operationally, we expect to offer full-time education to students, and aim for a 20% increase in enrollment in line with our sustainable goals. Children will be gradually taught and exposed to a variety of extracurricular activities. Practices such as arts and crafts, tailoring, fish farming, poultry and beekeeping, among others. To realize such dreams of disabled children, SMEMO Education Center will adopt a budget of about 126,000 euros that will be largely spent on the construction of the school.


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